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Quality Investigation and Security Solutions


The latest technology in GPS tracking. 

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Providing Reliable Security and Private Investigation Services

When it comes to quality security and private investigation, Powell Detective & Protection Agency LLC in Powell, Ohio is the company to call. We don’t just provide you with professional security and detective services; we also give you peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Security Services

We provide VIP protection as well as event security for small or large gatherings, parties, and weddings. Our security personnel can be armed or unarmed, depending on your specifications.

Plain clothes


Relaxed uniform

Work place violence

Labor negotiations 

Private Investigation

 Our investigations are broad and include: surveillance, background checks, locates, skip tracing, cheating spouse, child abuse, elder care abuse, elder financial abuse, child custody, pre-marital, child endangerment, disability, child neglect, civil fraud, dead beat parent, divorce, document retrieval, elder abuse, elder neglect, employee drug use, workplace theft, hidden cameras, mystery shopping, nanny cams, process service, refuse retrieval (trash run), spousal abuse, stalking, undercover, teen investigations and surveillance, theft, vandalism, Our types of background checks are pre-employment screening, caregiver screening, dating/marriage screening, nanny screening, and tenant screening. Through our data providers and our experience, we will give you verified information on your prospective employees.

We also comply with all guidelines set forth in compliance with State, Local and Federal Laws


Skip Trace

Insurance fraud investigations


Undercover operations

Attorney support services

Background checks

Workers compensation investigations


Counter Surveillance 

We locate hidden cameras and listening devices during small and large gatherings and events.

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